Feng Shui means “wind” and “water.”

Literally translated, the words “Feng Shui” are taken from an ancient poem describing the ideal locational logistics: “The wind is mild – the sun is warm – the water is clear – the vegetation…lush.” Sounds heavenly to me!

Feng Shui is not a religion.

It is a design philosophy with the goal of bringing harmony and balance to any environment; the more balanced the environmental energy is, the more prosperous and satisfying will be the results. Like gravity or quantum physics (whether we believe in it or not, apples still fall down from trees), Feng Shui works whether we understand it, believe in it or even practice it.

Feng Shui YOUR Way™ offers a practical approach to Feng Shui that makes a direct connection between your outer living environment and your inner life. Feng Shui YOUR Way avoids the often complicated and contradictory information of many Feng Shui “styles,” and focuses instead on quick, easy and practical solutions that create immediate results.