Praise for "The Art of Living - Feng Shui YOUR Way!"

Sandi Miller’s book is outstanding! I have read several books on Feng Shui and this one is by far the best! Her approach enables you to make practical vs. often mysterious and hard to understand Feng Shui updates to your environment for wonderful results. Sandi’s approach to Feng Shui is practical and provides results! Sandi has also made a few consulting trips to my home with great success. For example, we rearranged furniture and rugs and added black in the helpful people section of my home. Since that time, several “helpful” people have entered my life. I have had other highly regarded Feng Shui consultants at my home that have offered strange recommendations (e.g., a wind-up clock in the middle of home) that have had little or no positive impact on my life. Sandi’s approach to Feng Shui is practical and provides results!
— L. Rudolph
The most easily understandable and practical book on this topic. It should make this philosophic approach to integrating surroundings and spirit more accessible to a wider group of people. A fun read!
— John Koster, M.D., Internal and Holistic Medicine
As an Interior Designer, I appreciate the approach - in line with my own for the past 30 years - so simple and yet so important. . . . I found the book to be a superb compilation. . . . I plan to recommend it to all my friends!
— Patricia L.D. Mickey ASID, CID
Sandi takes the reader by the hand and leads us on a journey that makes clear the connection between the outer environment and one’s inner life. The secret to fulfilling life is balance, and I can see now that the secret to balance is in this book.
— Jack Barnard, Writer, Speaker, Trainer