1. Is There One Right Way to Do Feng Shui?
    Absolutely NOT! Everyone is unique and the energy each feels best living with is unique to them as well. Consequently, it would be energetically impossible for “one-size” to fit all in Feng Shui. Any claim that there is only one correct style or technique that is the best and most effective, is just plain bunk! The right way to do Feng Shui is the version that best fits your individuality.
  2. What Sets Feng Shui YOUR Way™ Apart from Other Styles of Feng Shui?
    Feng Shui YOUR Way™ is universally popular because it personalizes and supports the unique way each of us lives and works in our environment in the most nurturing and beneficial manner possible. I find that doing good Feng Shui is really a lot like using concentrated common sense.

    There are many versions of Feng Shui that seem superstitious, confusing and even contradictory. And, each style has its loyal supporters. I encourage my clients to choose the style they most resonate with, the one that makes the most sense to them.
  3. Why Does Feng Shui Sometimes Seem So Complicated?
    Since there is no universally agreed upon right way to do Feng Shui, there are many different styles being taught by many different teachers. Although there is no one right way to do Feng Shui, there are basic universally agreed upon principles that are as timeless, effective and as powerful today as they were thousands of years ago. That’s why I wrote “The Art of Living -- Feng Shui YOUR Way”, to demystify and create a simplified, user-friendly method of doing Feng Shui that would be easy to incorporate into any lifestyle immediately.
  4. How do I Know if Feng Shui YOUR Way is Working for Me?
    Begin to notice what is and isn’t working in your life. Keeping a journal is a great idea. As you implement some basic Feng Shui principles, take note of the energy shifts that begin to occur (especially in areas you’ve been hoping for), no matter how small. Did you meet someone who had exactly the information you were looking for? Did you find details regarding a particular project in the most unlikely place? Did a job or new relationship seem to fall effortlessly into your lap?

    As your life becomes more balanced and harmonious, you’ll notice things being “in sync.” You’ll feel in the “flow”; things will go your way easily and effortlessly. It may happen slowly at first, but noticing and appreciating even the smallest positive occurrences will ensure that the “flow” will continue in the direction of your dreams. You’ll be surprised at how focusing even a small amount of deliberate intention in the direction of your dreams will increase the occurrence of manifesting your desires!
  5. Is a Private Feng Shui Consultation Expensive? Does it take a Lot of Time?
    I’m all about Feng Shui on a budget, and incorporating as much of what already exists in your current environment as possible. I find that suggestions for simplifying, rather than adding to, are often the most cost effective and powerful solutions. I believe that a high quality life has a lot more to do with what you remove from it than add to it.

    Each consultation begins with a personal interview to understand your unique desires, what is and isn’t working in your life, and how I can best serve you. Then we pinpoint the areas in your home or office that most need our focused Feng Shui attention. Initial consultations are a minimum of two hours. Fees are hourly and vary by location and square footage. Please call or contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.
  6. What Benefits Can I Expect from Applying Feng Shui YOUR Way Principles to My Environment?
    Besides feeling more “at home” in your surroundings and creating a space that is a “warm embrace” every time you enter, many of my clients report they experience enhanced clarity, greater peace of mind, improved health, rewarding relationships and increased prosperity.
  7. How Do I Get Started? How Do I Know if It’s For Me?
    Please call or contact me to arrange an appointment for a FREE mini-introductory phone consultation where we’ll assess your particular needs and how I can best be of service.